Waterfalls, Streams and Ponds

We have been building waterfalls, streams and ponds for close to twenty five years now, and never get tired of building them. It’s especially fun and interesting to build these for a variety of reasons, all of them good. Each one poses challenges due to a range of circumstances from working with grade limitations, to, perhaps, some drainage issues that may pose a problem to be solved.

My current favorite water features to build are in the pond-less variety, more toward the waterfall and stream end of the spectrum, with moving water top to bottom. I’ve built these in a variety of settings over the years, from alongside a set of steps up to the main entrance of a home in W. Lakeland, to one of my favorites, a weeping wall that used to grace the interior of Rivard Stone E. of Stillwater. Our pond-less waterfall and stream still sits in their outdoor display area, and was a challenge to build, given the size of some of the pieces of stone we worked into this feature. Last fall we installed a large pond with two skimmers and waterfalls, in the Hudson WI area, and it had its own set of challenges due to its location. The results speak for themselves, and we look forward to building the next one.