Walks, Paths and Patios

Outdoor Concepts builds a wide variety of walks, paths and patios, using a wide variety of material. The walks, paths and patios pictured here vary, from natural stone (flagstone), to bricks and pavers, to sometimes the creative use of a number of gravels.

Some of our favorite flagstone to work with, in the creation of walks or patios, is flagstone that is available in very large sheets; when properly installed, it can create a very dramatic effect. This effect is far superior to a patio or walk built using a much larger number of smaller pieces of flagstone. The best look or end result is going to be a combination of the larger sheets, with the smaller ones filling in some of the voids naturally created by the placement of the large, random sheets of stone.

There are any number of good choices of flagstone currently available, one of my favorites comes from New York: NY Bluestone. This stone is a blue-gray in color, fairly economical, and is a variety of limestone, so it cuts and lays easily (we make some limited cuts as we build your walk or patio, so it will get a bit noisy and dusty). But it is a quite durable stone, and also comes in a “patterned” range of sizes (squares and rectangles in 6” increments). It’s a joy to work with and behold when finished. You will see it featured prominently on this page. Plenty of other great choices as well, in a variety of colors and random shapes and sizes.