For Your Next Patio…Consider Flagstone.

A massive sized stone with beautiful unique colors, flagstone (sometimes called Mahogany) is no longer a well kept secret.

More and more, as time goes by, Outdoor Concepts is building flagstone patios, and not just any
flagstone patio, but a variety of flagstone patio that is truly magnificent to behold. The key: the
stone we use: Heartland Flagstone, quarried in Oklahoma, and trucked all the way north to our
neck of the woods. Other local suppliers call it by a different name, Mahogany, but in essence
the same stone. This stone is unique by virtue of its size: the sheets can be as big as 4×8’, or 5×7’,
something in that size range. So these are some massive slabs of stone, made even more
massive by their thickness: 2-3”, which means a really large sheet can weigh 800 lbs. A sheet
that large needs to be set with a machine, rather than by hand. Outdoor Concepts happens to
possess the right machines for this setting, a couple of them in fact.

The real appeal of these Heartland Flagstone patios is the massive size of the sheets, combined
with a really nice range of colors, with tan and grays being predominant, with some very dark
pieces mixed in for variety. The fact that the massive sheets of stone all seem to have one or
two sides to them that are straight, and that fit together quite well with other massive sheets,
also helps greatly the finished look. There is less cutting and piecing involved, as a result, and
the finished effect is quite stunning.