Natural Limestone Retaining Walls

In recent years Outdoor Concepts is building more natural limestone retaining walls than ever
before. Another term for this natural limestone is rip-rap. This is the most economical stone in
our part of the country, so that is a huge and attractive advantage. The stone is quarried locally,
which contributes greatly to its economy. I like to use it where the retaining wall in question is in
a more rustic, natural setting, where one doesn’t need the retaining wall in question to make a
big statement, in terms of style points. That is not to say that these are unattractive retaining
walls, far from it.

Over the years Outdoor Concepts has built many, many boulder retaining walls, and every year
we do another two or three of them. When I compare a boulder (fieldstone) wall with a
limestone rip-rap wall, hands down I like the limestone rip-rap wall better (ours anyway), and
for a variety of reasons. Number one, the price will be lower, significantly lower. Number two,
the wall will be sturdier, as this sharper edged stone (the limestone) locks together much better
than the smoother, more rounded boulders.

Finally, in terms of aesthetics, there is no question
in my mind which look is superior, and that would be the limestone. With all the stone being the
same color, the wall has a much more natural look to it than the multi-colored boulders. In a
more natural or rustic setting, these limestone walls are spectacular!