Road Restrictions


With the advent of spring come the inevitable and unavoidable road restrictions in our part of the world. Road postings, weight limits, people call them by a number of monikers, but essentially they mean the same thing: it just got tougher to do the vast majority of jobs. Typically these postings go on in mid-March, when the spring thaw is getting going, and they last 3 to 6 weeks, on average. A lot of factors can enter into the mix to further complicate matters, from the temperature variations during this time, to amounts and varieties of precipitation.

The bottom line in this discussion is that while these limits are in place, it becomes much more difficult and complicated to, potentially, move equipment in or out of a job-site, or, more likely, to move materials in or out of a given site. Landscaping can be a very truck-intensive proposition, requiring many trips in or out with stone, gravel, fill, pavers, etc. When one is severely limited by the amount of weight you can place in the back of a truck, the job just got more difficult and costly.

Here’s a tactic that can work if employed early enough: with some advance planning, haul in the materials before the roads are posted. That may not help with material that needs to leave the site, excess fill, debris or demo and the like, but it may just tip the scales of whether a given job is feasible, from a standpoint of necessary trips in or out, to the do it early rather than do it later side of things. Call early and let’s talk about it.