Landscaping Water Features

Water features are not, it seems, as hot an item as they were in years past. In previous years
Outdoor Concepts has built a few water features each year. Not sure what accounts for that,
perhaps people are simply moving in different directions, for reasons not clear. Whatever is
going on in the water feature spectrum, Outdoor Concepts still builds them, and we do it as
efficiently ($) as anyone out there. The hardware needs that we employ are fairly minimal,
bringing the cost down, and keeping it simple. Rubber liner, a pump, a simple and effective
housing for the pump to sit in, a piece of flexible pvc, and a variety of fittings and elbows are
about all the hardware needed. Let me state here and now that I’m referring to a
waterfall/stream, rather than a pond; these seem to be more popular in recent times, requiring
little maintenance, and no filtration.

I have built many ponds over the years, including a couple of swimming ponds, but the trend in
the last 10 years has been toward the pond-less features. These are more fun to build, and are
absolute playgrounds for unleashing creativity. Building a stair-step series of cascades in a
stream or waterfall is just about as good as it gets in my business. One has the lofty opportunity
to build something that is meant to mimic something straight out of nature. A tall order for the
beginner. We are not beginners.