Free Landscape Designs

I’ve seen some landscaper’s ads for “Free Designs” of late, and thought I’d weigh in. You may be tempted to call and take advantage of such an offer, because a lot of other companies are charging good money for this service. So what do you think you’ll receive as a free design? Let me clue you in: no one is going to devote hours and hours of time from an experienced designer, a person whose time is quite valuable, to provide you or me with a free design. No, what they’ll give you is something produced by a relative novice, something produced in a hurry, and without much complexity or nuance. If your needs are very simple, it may be enough. If your needs are fairly complicated or challenging, well, that old saying “You get what you pay for”, applies.

Outdoor Concepts’ approach to landscape design is as follows: we charge something for our designs, because we think they’re valuable. They’re valuable because the person who does them is experienced, and very good at what she does. A lot goes into her designs, you’re paying for an extensive horticulture background, as well as decades of hands on experience in the field. The cost of the design depends upon the extent of the design; a full yard design will cost more than a partial yard design. If you hire us to implement said design, that money comes off the price of the job, making the design, in effect, free of charge. So we do have a way to reward and entice people to use us for their design work. Lastly, let me say this: we will match our designs against anyone’s, hands down. We feel quite confident in saying that our designs are the best you will find out in the marketplace.